2008 Called, Again…

This time to say “you’re welcome!”

Just when you’re not thinking about something that you’d wish would happen, BAM, the Breeders’ Cup announces that it’s reverting back to the name Distaff!

For those of you who don’t remember 2008, hop in the TIME MASHEEN with me and let’s explore:

Breeders’ Cup Announces name change, two day format


A sampler of reactions (be sure to check comment threads!):

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A group of bloggers, self included, create a petition demanding the name be changed and a host of other items. You can read our petition here in it’s entirety, and you can still probably sign it if you like!

Out of the efforts of vocal fans and the petition the BC reached out out to bloggers to discuss and understand issues (because that sort of thing always happens in racing, right?). They even created a fan committee that ran for a few years that served as feedback mechanism for upcoming events. You may also remember that the Breeders’ Cup changed from purple to the standard saddle cloth colors in 2009 in part due to fan feedback.

So, hats off to the Breeders’ Cup for proving themselves yet again to be an organization that takes fan feedback seriously and WELCOME BACK DISTAFF, WE MISSED YOU!