The last vestige

In an email conversation earlier today (email is the new Twitter), I evoked the blogging scene of 2008, citing the current lack of independent voices who feel free to call out industry players and entities. The bloggers of yore who, for better or worse, would routinely call BS have either moved on or are in partnerships and projects where making waves could have unwanted repercussions.

Lo and behold Alan Mann of Left at the Gate, one few remaining “tell it like it is” bloggers from the original scene came out with this a little while ago:

“The bad news about Left at the Gate is that, given my personal and financial interest in this venture, I no longer feel free to say whatever I want about whoever I want whenever I feel like it.”

While I wish Alan & company the best of luck with their exciting new product, I can’t help but think we’re now truly in a time when there’s no one left to ask the needed questions without feeling like they have something to lose.