Discussion of Racing Data: 2019 Edition

On the occasion of the World Wide Web’s 30th birthday I thought I’d participate beyond liking things on Twitter.

Racing is better with more data – a real world example

Two approaches to a similar question illustrate the difference that easily accessible data could make for all of us.

Discussion of Racing Data: 2016 Edition

What does the 2016 edition of “Let’s discuss racing data” have to offer? Quite a bit, as it turns out.

Imaginary Racing API – Real World Example

All this talk about releasing data could use an example, no? I’ve got one! In our many “what-if” discussions about racing, Jessica Chapel and I refer to the “imaginary racing API” (as seen here!). The discussion usually goes something like this: “Hey, wouldn’t it be great if we could make something to do XYZ?” “That sounds great! Now if we…

Release the Data: Chorus Edition

You may or may not have seen the Release the Data post by Dan at @thorotrends, an open letter to Equibase imploring them to essentially offer historical data for free. Paulick jumped aboard the #releasethedata train by usurping Thorotrend’s traffic posting something about it at Paulick Report. The original post, while welcome, well-reasoned and appropriately addressed to Equibase, if not…