How Good Is Invasor?

I’m a big fan of race replays on YouTube. If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me grumble about this from time to time (and if you haven’t, you will at some point along with a host of other petty complaints). One such grumble was that Invasor’s spectacular 2007 Donn Handicap was no longer on YouTube. In…

Whatever Motivates You

A review of HRF stats uncovered the following chuckle-worthy search term… The Beyer-hater landed here, spending almost 13 minutes, went to the homepage for a moment before moving on to one my favorite posts, a discussion on Handicapping Process, for 16 minutes. After that on to Introduction to Class for 3 minutes and 38 seconds. As you can see this…

Fun Indeed

Perusing the current list of winners to date in the new Derby point system indicates that I may have to bring the somewhat-regular GBG feature, “Fun with Names” to the new digs. While not in the standard wager format, it was pretty easy to toss these little tidbits together… Itsmyluckyday as I Will Take Charge to become a Power Broker….

And by weirdness they mean thinking

The real differentiator is ease-of-use. By bringing a more “gaming” feel to the product, DerbyJackpot reduces the weirdness associated with racing. And by “weirdness” they mean “thinking”.


When word of Luckity and Derby Jackpot first surfaced, I must admit that I vomited in my mouth a little. Seeing quotes about the approach of divorcing what we know and love as handicapping from wagering on a grand scale as being “a panacea” or “a savior” to racing initially annoyed the hell out of me. As someone who has…


As it pertains to The Babe: Tin foil hat alert or something that should be uncovered? You be the judge… Full thread here:

PSA: Ads and Cookies

The following is a public service announcement from the Cookie Awareness Committee (CAC) and Dedicated Porn Browser Association (DPBA)… The ad space in question, using something called “Retargeting”… “Retargeting is only serving banner ads to people who have shown at least some amount of engagement in your brand.” Meanwhile, these NSFW ads were not based on cookies… Browse safely everyone!

I’m Back, From Outer Space

It’s me, formerly (and no longer) Green but Game. In an effort to achieve the elusive quiet mind I’ve created this site to expel my occasional observations, thoughts and snark about horse racing in a brief, broadcast-style format (i.e., no comments).  You can also follow along at @exactamundo (also broadcast-style, i.e., just links from here… well, that’s the plan at…