Young and Talented

While enjoying my customary weekend afternoon of not cashing tickets at Saratoga, I noticed this in my timeline:

“Wow that guy looks young, must be the angle or something” was my thought right after wishing I had a ticket paying $96.60, or anything, really. As the tweets rolled in it became apparent that it wasn’t just the angle, this guy really is young!

And not only is he the trainer, he’s breeder, owner AND trainer.

And how about his crazy longshot 2-year-old Expected Ruler? He too appears to be talented, check his the time of last split and compare it to the rest of the field (chart via TimeformUS)

Screenshot 2015-08-10 19.18.04

You can catch the replay here and follow Liam Bensen here. And, I seriously hope this happens:

I’d love to add “First crowdsourced Breeders’ Cup entry” to this year’s Breeders’ Cup History Watch at Raceday 360, the closest we’ve gotten was Ben’s Cat in 2011.

In other news of the internet, this happened today:

Which lead to plenty of fun discussion and reminiscing, and then this:

We’ve collected a pretty good list, check it out and add whatever is missing and I’ll do a post later in the week.