An idea whose time has come

Do you have a horseplaying resolution? I don’t. Well, other than “do better” but that’s not really the point here. The point is this, raised by Pete Fornatale at his new (excellent!) DRF blog:

I will donate a percentage of all the gross money I receive from various efforts in racing to various accredited horse-rescue organizations. This will include money won as well as money received from the Daily Racing Form for my book and this column. Feel free to join me. Let’s make the Year of the Horse mean something.

And it’s an excellent point, one I hope you’ll all consider! I was pleased when last year’s NHC winner Michael Beychok used his podium time at the Eclipse Awards to float and encourage this idea, particularly because when I had raised the idea in 2008:

As horseplayers with a conscious (and some extra money in your pockets), I encourage you start your own personal Pony Up! program, picking an amount & percentage that you feel comfortable with. Not only will feel great, you’ll help the horses that have helped you.

it was met with skepticism, although I suppose it’s good point out that I’m not an all-star handicapper with a platform who also happens to be a political consultant (i.e., good at floating actionable ideas!).

Sometimes the right idea just needs the right timing, and person, to convince others. Glad to see it’s finally happening! Now for some winnings to donate, perhaps I SHOULD consider some resolutions…