Fug the Santa Anita Derby!

I love the @fuggirls. If you like fashion and making fun of things (or even just making fun things) then the @fuggirls are for you. Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan have turned their sharp, and often acerbic wit into a media empire by skewering the bounty of stupid celebrity fashion.

Their tagline “Fugly is the new Pretty” sums up their approach to fashion critique. For example, they had this to say about a recent Angelina Jolie outfit:

“It’s fine if you want to look like the hot new professor at Hogwarts if you ARE, in fact, the hot new professor at Hogwarts. But if you can’t turn Justin Bieber into a possum or make Kim Kardashian take a six-month nap or defeat ultimate evil or make a potion that gives bad sports commentators tongue warts, then RELAX WITH THE ROBES ALL THE TIME, PLEASE, ANGE.”

In many regards they’re my copywriting heroines. Beneath the hilarity and snark lie deft, wicked observations, something I’m a big fan of! And for me, two friends creating a site about something they love was one of the many inspirations for Hello Race Fans.

Imagine my delight last year when I noticed the @fuggirls were at Santa Anita for the Derby! So, I had to know:



So as the Santa Anita Derby approached this year, enquiring minds wanted to know…


The next day, BOOM:

The fuggers are a natural for drawing attention to an event, but what I find interesting is that the racing establishment doesn’t usually take so kindly to the @fuggirls brand of a “tell it like it is.” For example, I can’t imagine a scenario where they wouldn’t make fun of Doug O’Neill in requisite race day hat. (that last bit is a small edition that came to me later, fyi.)

Regardless, if you’d like to follow someone making fun of people at Santa Anita today, hold on to your fascinators and follow @fuggirls!



Until next year…