Women in Racing: The Bigfoot Edition

On Twitter today it was discovered that, in some cases, it’s hard to believe that up to 20% of ADW account holders are women.

In case it’s not apparent why a woman may choose to wager online than say, go to her friendly neighborhood OTB, let me play native informer:

1) Getting hit on (not that this is ever a problem for me, from men or women!)

2) Skanky surroundings (although this could certainly be an equal opportunity concern)

3) Safety

But what about going to the track? Apparently some of our male horseplaying counterparts think the account registration process is more intense than say, putting on your best hat and going to Keeneland.

So, rest assured ladies, the sterotype of the female as not-so-serious horseplayer is alive and well! And not only among guys who need women in bikinis to get them to the track (giving @thorotrends the benefit of the doubt here as I don’t know him).

Are all women who are interested in racing serious horseplayers? No, of course not, and neither are all men. But my point is that apparently it’s hard to believe that we exist in more than microscopic percentages.

Update: More elaboration on amount of women ADW account holders